Games People Play

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A Relationship play that deals with the choices you make or don't make and how it affects others. Women discuss the games men play. Men talk about the games women play. However, they fail to realize the games that they are playing.


Lana Cromwell(Lea), Tanza Franklin(Dr. Elois Stewart), Dr. Lena Risper(Paula & Tangi), Dr. Michael B Risper(Larry & Louis), Mike Barker(Fred & Lee), Sharon Hudson(Valeria Robinson), Jerome Gaye(Alex Robinson), Marshena Pryor(Melody Robinson), Chris Tobin(Jason), Susan Giles(Nia & Myra), Adrian Risper(Wayne Dunbar), Regina High(Lorean & Lady G), Myron Schaeffer(Himself), Angelica J. Thiel(Barb & Nicole), Tameka Flowers(Natalie Robinson), Robert Fried(Himself), Amanya Amariel(Waitress), Billie Hughley(Lathon & Jamal), Nick Rhodes(John), Victor Gulley(Dr. Stanley James)