A woman struggles to choose between her husband and her passion.

Living Your Life

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Michelle Richardson, a highly successful mother, wife, and dreamer, who since the age of 12 has dreamed of becoming a published author of poetry books. However, her dreams were put on hold when her husband told her that “pursuing her dream would get in the way of his reputation, their family, and the Richardson’s name”. After 25 years of marriage and respecting her husband’s wishes, Michelle finally attempts to live out her dream, with the help of their son, but is quickly faced with disapproval, fights, and a decisions; Her Dream or Her Marriage. Come travel through this rollercoaster ride as we watch a woman answer a question that so many people are faced with daily, What are you willing to lose in order to be successful or fulfill a dream, Yourself or Your Spouse?


Tiffany Barrett(Michelle), Eric Banks(Craig), Charvez Grant(Marquis), William Lewis(Stephen), Brennie Yancy Tellu(Nicole), Carlos Campbell(Damon), Zuhariah McGill (Shelly Thompson)